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SEO Web Hosting now offers the ability to deliver relevant leads by your industry and geographic location right to your phone with our powerful leads technology.

Target Leads By Phone

Are you a business that thrives on getting customer calls right to your phone to close a sale?

Well then Targeted Leads is for you. We have a system that targets leads for your business by vertical and by geographic location. Want to know more about how it works?

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Starter Leads Package

*Call for price per lead

Delivered right to your phone

Dedicated Account Manager

$250 / Month

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Small Leads

*Call for price per lead

Delivered right to your phone

Dedicated Account Manager

$500 / Month

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Business Leads Package

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Delivered right to your phone

Dedicated Account Manager

$1000 / Month

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*Lead quotes are calculated by geographic location and vertical — which can be quite different from one customer to another. Call For Details 877-283-2614 so we can get the right plan for you.

How do we do it? Click on each tab to learn a little bit about our process

Step #1: Let us learn your business.
Targeted leads plans

No hassle leads quotes.

First, we listen to what you are trying to accomplish so we can give you the best lead quote out there. Once we learn about your business and find the right plan that will get you the most leads for the least amount of money, we can jump into action.

Step #2: We calculate cost of lead by geography and vertical.
Targeted leads costs

Get Local: We take it to YOUR streets!

We have a solid database that can give you an idea how many leads you can get based on location, vertical, and targeted category for that specific vertical. We take into account your avg. cost to acquire a customer, and even compare it to other marketing efforts like pay per click advertising. We can even manage both of the channels and get you the most out of both!

Step #3: You start receiving calls by qualified customers.
Targeted leads by phone

We make your phone ring.

We actually guarantee a certain number of leads, contact you via phone. We are that confident in our system. Even more, you will be satisfied that the customers contacting you are genuinely interested in your product or service since we have pre-qualifed them before they reach your phone.

Step 4: Monitor & measure Success
Targeted leads monitoring

We are there for the long haul.

Once signed up, you are assigned a dedicated Account Manager that you can reach out to at anytime for any questions or concerns about the service. They can even be there to monitor your calls to help you close more by suggesting tips to convert customers. We are here for you!

Wondering how it works?
Here's an example:

Let's say your are a moving company in Pasadena, CA and you want relevant calls for customers who need your service at the time of a move. We would:

1. Estimate & Quote:

Targeted leads cost

We use our estimator to define your location and industry and the typical traffic you will receive from passengers in that area (how many calls to expect on a monthly basis). We will even discuss with you and learn how your business works and how this can be effective with your other marketing channels.

2. Start Your Campaign / People Start Calling:

Targeted leads by phone

After we get you plugged into our system and create some relevant resources to capture these leads for you, you will then start to receive calls from the right customers. We even guarantee to a certain degree, how many people will be calling your phone on a month-to-month basis.

3. Support Your Progress:

Targeted leads monitoring and support

You will have a dedicated Account Manager at no additional cost, to help with any questions or to help you optimize the process. The Account Manager can even review calls to ensure you are doing everything to help close the sale. Amazing, huh?

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